NAACP Statement on Facebook’s Civil Rights Audit

“It’s interesting that Facebook released this civil rights audit on the same day that the NAACP launched, #LogOutFacebook. It’s also curious that just a weeks ago, it was reported that Facebook hired deeply partisan strategy firms to conduct ‘opposition research’ calling into question the notion that this company operates with a non-partisan view.”

“For us, this is not about reports, it is about taking real steps to ensure that the social media platforms under the umbrella of this company are not co-opted by bad agents to spread misinformation and further disenfranchise people of color. We cannot pay lip service to issues that directly impact and affect us. For millions of African-Americans and people of color, the results of the 2016 election have been detrimental to our very livelihood.”

“There has been rampant voter suppression and voter tampering efforts, an increase in hate crimes, and the implementation of xenophobic and racist policies by the current administration–all of which has had a negative impact on our communities. Facebook needs to do more than just release a report but implement and ensure that the mechanism that infringed upon our electorate and disproportionately targeted communities of color is reconciled.”

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