Metzger Disappointed with Cuomo Veto

ALBANY – Governor Cuomo vetoed a measure that would have restored over $1.1 million in building aid lost to the Roscoe Central School District as a penalty for the late filing of a final capital report related to building repairs and that has Senator Jennifer Metzger (D, Rosendale) concerned.

The governor also vetoed similar bills impacting the Chester and Newburgh school districts.
Metzger is disappointed with the veto saying the decision “to deny amnesty to the Roscoe Central School District is arbitrary and a great injustice to students, educators and taxpayers, who are faced with a major and unnecessary fiscal burden.”

Roscoe’s annual budget is $9 million with $100,000 a year to be paid back to the state over 10 years. That will amount to 2.32 percent of the district’s annual tax levy. Metzger noted the fiscal impact is similar in proportion to the penalty imposed in the North Syracuse School District, which did receive amnesty in 2018.

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