Ben Crump Gains Clear Path For Federal Lawsuit

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. – Nationally renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump will move forward with a federal lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences, Inc., following a California judge’s ruling upholding pleadings against the company in separate litigation. Crump has announced plans to sue the company over its deliberate actions to put profits ahead of the well-being of patients affected by HIV/AIDS, many of whom are minorities.

In Los Angeles yesterday, Superior Court Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl rejected Gilead’s request for dismissal of most claims brought by a group of California residents living with HIV. That ruling clears the way for Crump, along with co-counsel at the Hilliard Martinez Gonzales and Morgan & Morgan law firms, to proceed with the federal lawsuit they launched in November. Crump and Hilliard are pursuing claims on behalf of those who have been unfairly affected by Gilead’s greedy “profits-over-people” approach.

The legal team accuses California-based Gilead of intentionally withholding a safer HIV drug from hundreds of thousands of patients in order to extend the profitability of its patent on an older, riskier drug that could cause permanent damage to kidneys and bones. The tactic, Crump said, unjustly and inordinately affected patients in the black, minority, and LGBT communities.

“This ruling is a major step toward justice for those oppressed by Gilead Sciences,” said Crump. “The stage has been set for us speak up for those who have had to deal with the challenges of HIV, compounded by the shameful greed and exploitation of pharmaceutical goliaths like Gilead. The victims have waited long enough for their day in court, and this ruling ensures that they will have their chance.”

Any affected parties who wish to sign up for the federal lawsuit can visit

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