West Point to Benefit from Federal Defense Bill

WEST POINT – The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, just passed in Congress, includes provisions to improve privatized housing at West Point and other New York bases, like Fort Drum.

Senator Charles Schumer, who came to West Point earlier in July to announce his push for the funding, said the bill will provide for remediation of mold, failing water systems and other problems in military housing.

He said privatized housing for service members and their families “is very clearly not up to snuff. These heroes deserve the best standard of living possible, but are left to deal with hazards like black mold and other health threats and nuisances.”

Currently there are 825 privatized family housing units at West Point, 74 of which are vacant. Over 70 homes have been found to have several complex issues, including water leaks and mold.

The bill authorizes $301.8 million for housing personnel. The money would be used to hire more staff that would conduct inspections, oversight and planning of the privatized housing stock.

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