New Beacon Mayor Wants to Rein In Development

BEACON – Beacon City Councilman Lee Kyriacou takes the oath of office as the city’s new mayor in a matter of days and the Democratic official acknowledges the city has seen monumental growth in the past two decades.

But, he wants to control it more closely than has been the case in recent years.

“It’s a good problem to have. Beacon has been incredibly successful since we reversed our zoning 20-some years ago and started attracting non-industrial uses, but it has come a little too fast and a little too big and a little too much and we just have to manage that and deal with the repercussions of our success,” he said.

The City of Beacon lost a substantial amount of housing years ago and outgoing Mayor Randy Casale has said the growth in new residential construction was largely replacing what had been lost decades ago.

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