Amazon Means Growth for Hudson Valley Area

GOSHEN – The one million square foot Amazon distribution center proposed in the Town of Montgomery is right on the Newburgh town line just down the road from New York Stewart International Airport and that will mean growth at the airport, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus told members of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

Amazon will need to ship its products and the county executive said air transport is the way to go.

“What it comes with eventually is 12 to 14 planes for Prime new airlines. They do their own transportation and that’s their plan to do more and more of that, so that’s what that whole deal comes with,” he said.

Neuhaus said while it is unfortunate that Norwegian Air flights from Stewart to Europe ended because of the problems with the Boeing 737 Max jets, the airport is attempted to recruit other service.

“I have sat in on meetings with international airlines with Stewart Airport, the Port Authority, I feel very optimistic. They are going to have that new (international arrivals) terminal opening,” he said, noting Norwegian brought in visitors to the region. “People didn’t just go to New York City. They actually traveled all over the place locally.”

The Port Authority has hired a new joint partnership group to manage the day-to-day operations and airline recruiting efforts at Stewart.

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