NFA West Embraces its District Mantra

NEWBURGH – During the month of February, NFA West Campus embraces the District’s mantra by identifying one scholar and one staff member each week who has exhibited the characteristics and elements of the mantra! This year’s mantra is “Shoulder up.”

This year’s mantra can represent a few ways we can all stand tall, work together, and be proud of ourselves and our district.

We will know when someone is “shouldering up” when they challenge themselves to be better, try harder, or take on something new. We will know that someone is “shouldering up” when they support a classmate or talk to an adult when they see something that isn’t right.

We will know that someone is “shouldering up” when they make good decisions for themselves and reflect Goldback pride throughout the year.

Congratulations to Week 1 award recipients, Senior, Juanita Clanton and Social Studies Teacher Brian Carroll! Thank you for your commitment to success!

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