NFA Video Program is Up For National Award

NEWBURGH – Newburgh Free Academy’s award winning video production program, taught by Guy Du Quesnay, is in the finals of a national video competition for the 9th time. In their nine years of entries, the class also known as GBTV (Goldback Television), has made it to the finals every year, including a third place finish in 2014 by Courtney Pileggi and Bridget Martin, a first place finish in 2018 and a second place finish in 2019, both by Crystal Ruiz and Therese Fischer.

Our scholars need the support of our community! Please take a minute to view their submission, a parody of “The Office”, titled The Interns. It is video #6. You can vote once per day, per device (once from your phone, once from your tablet, once from your work computer, once from your home computer and do it all over again tomorrow)!

Three NFA Main scholars produced the video: Grace Soto (senior), Tegan Maher (junior), and Jaidalin Merino (junior). Actors in the video include: Sam Ouhaj, John Matthews, Tegan Maher, Olivia Gloffke, Matthew Levinstein, and Grace Soto.

The National CareerSafe Online Safety Video Competition challenges students from across the country to create a short video demonstrating safety in the workplace. The top three video winners will receive scholarship prizes. Our video production team doesn’t just make videos about workplace safety, they are also OSHA certified thanks to a collaboration between Mr. Du Quesnay, Mr. Bjorn Hansen, CTE teacher at NFA and Mr. Steve Kalita with Local 17, who facilitated a 10 hour course for our scholars.

Internal CareerSafe Online judges grade each video entry before being narrowed down to 12 finalists. The public is then invited to vote for their favorites to reach the top three. Again, voting can done at Look for video #6, titled The Interns.

More about CareerSafe:
The mission at CareerSafe is to deliver Safety Education for America’s Future. Our vision is to advance and enhance OSHA’s outreach by providing every young worker with workplace safety training prior to taking their first job. To this end, we are committed to offering affordable, informative and innovative online safety training to reach as many young workers as possible.

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