“Chiefs, Good Grief!”

Dear Editor:

Why not go out on top as National Football League champions, Kansas City? Keep it classy by chucking “The Chiefs” moniker, and start the new football season with a brand new name. Native American team mascots are a thing of the past, whether most right-wing racist reactionaries realize it or not. It’s 2020 already. It’s not 1950, fools.

In case you never noticed, sports teams are usually named after wild, ferocious animals.

However, many conservatives continue to justify blatant bigotry by falsely claiming the naming of sports teams after Native Americans is some sort of honor that Native Americans should be appreciative of.

Honor? Seriously?! Don’t even get me started on the lack of honor and humanity that led to several centuries of unjustifiable, unimaginable genocide against Native Americans by European invaders who saw Native Americans as nothing more than wild, ferocious animals in the way of empire.

So keep your faked outrage to yourselves, clueless conservatives, because no one cares about your crying and complaining. This will be the final season for “The Chiefs”, because next year Kansas City’s NFL franchise will henceforth be known as one of these following ten names. Pick one, K.C.

* Kansas City Cheetahs
* Kansas City Cheaters
* Kansas City Chihuahuas
* Kansas City Chinchillas
* Kansas City Chickens
* Kansas City Chupacabras
* Kansas City Chewbaccas
* Kansas City Cobras
* Kansas City Kraken
* Kansas City Klingons

Jake Pickering

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