Karen Smythe Calls Out Senator Sue Serino

Democratic State Senate Candidate Karen Smythe calls out Senator Sue Serino on her vote against last year’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), a bill that set the most aggressive clean energy and carbon reduction goals in the nation.

Karen Smythe said, “Climate change is real and Americans across the country are already suffering its negative impacts. Unsurprisingly, Sue Serino voted AGAINST the CLCPA, because she—like Republicans across the country—refuses to acknowledge the science that tells us our planet is fast approaching its tipping point. Our communities’ health and economy cannot afford to be represented by a climate change denier. The bill passed thanks only to the Senate’s Democratic majority, and I will be a new voice for protecting our environment and natural resources. Now, Senator Serino should right her wrong and push for New York State to not delay taking action.”

“From the fires in the west to the derecho storm that ravaged Iowa last month to Hurricane Sally, which is today threatening the Gulf Coast with historic flooding, American lives are being upended—or worse, lost altogether. Right here in the Hudson Valley, severe storms are hurting farms, businesses, and residents, leaving thousands without power for days on end.

“American homes, livelihoods, and communities are literally being destroyed by the climate crisis. Yet, our current Senator says nothing. My campaign has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, Food and Water Action, and the League of Conservation Voters PAC. In Albany, I will fight to ensure New York State meets its zero-carbon goals and more.

“The Hudson Valley is a place blessed with incredible natural beauty and resources. We must do everything we can to protect and preserve it for future generations. We can no longer tolerate the inaction of GOP climate naysayers like Sue Serino.

“As Senator, I will seize the opportunity to work in tandem with the goals of the CLCPA to re-ignite our economy by making the Hudson Valley synonymous with green technology jobs. I look forward to working in partnership with officials at the local and federal level to bring these well-paying jobs to our region.”

After falling just 688 votes shy in 2018, Smythe is mounting a second bid against three-term incumbent GOP Senator Sue Serino in Senate District 41.

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