Too Many Populations Do Not Have a Voice

Dear Editor:

My name is Juana Leandry and I am running for Village Trustee. Too many populations do not have a voice in shaping their communities. I want to be your voice.

I am a resident of Highland Mills, a wife, mother, business-owner, member of the Chamber of Commerce, and for the last 10 years, an activist regarding health, wellness and the environment.

Recently, I worked on the Census knowing that without accurate numbers we risk losing vital resources. I work with vulnerable seniors to access to health care services. I work with environmental groups to protect our water sources and green space. I work with teens to provide them with safe and constructive activities.

As Trustee I will preserve the historic character of Woodbury at the same time embarking on sustainable and responsible projects that promote economic growth and prosperity. I will promote public health and improve infrastructure projects. I will improve local walking/biking trails in the Village. I will ensure Woodbury commits to Smart Community Initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by establishing an organic waste program and promote energy reducing programs that are cost effective to residents.

Vote for me to be your voice as your Village Trustee on November 3rd!

Juana Leandry

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