Proposed City Budget ‘Moves the City Forward’

NEWBURGH – The proposed 2021 Newburgh budget as presented by City Manager Joseph Donat last Tuesday night reduces property taxes.

The $49.1 million budget is “a good sign” that the city is turning the financial corner, said Councilman Robert Sklarz.

The homestead property tax will be reduced by 20 percent, averaging $600, while the non-homestead rate will be reduced by 15.7 percent, averaging $659.

Donat said his spending plan is putting the city on the road to a revitalized fiscal footing.

“What we have done over the last several months as a result of the budget that was adopted last year by this council was that we have been able to renew our focus, rebuild our city, and also lay the groundwork to reimagine what the road ahead may look like,” he told the city council.

At this time last year, the city council laid off police officers and firefighters to balance the budget. There are no layoffs in this proposed budget.

Donat’s 2021 spending plan holds the line of the city tax levy.

The city council will now have about a month to scrutinize the budget and make any changes to it before adopting it.

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