Army Navy Game Will Be Played at West Point

WEST POINT – Army Director of Athletics Mike Buddie and Naval Academy Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk announced recently that the 121st playing of the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA will be played at West Point, Dec. 12.

The game is being moved from Philadelphia due to attendance limits placed on outdoor events in the state of Pennsylvania that would not allow the entire Corps of Cadets and Brigade of Midshipmen to attend.

As the designated home team in 2020, Army West Point will host the 121st iteration at historic Michie Stadium. “We want to thank the City of Philadelphia, the Eagles and all involved in the planning for their efforts to navigate this historic game in the current COVID-19 climate,” said Buddie. “We are excited about this historic opportunity to host Navy and the Brigade inside the gates of West Point for the first time since 1943.”

It marks the first time the Army-Navy Game has been played at a home site since World War II when Annapolis hosted the 1942 game and West Point the 1943 game. The two schools also rotated hosting the first four games from 1890-1893.

“The health and welfare of the Corps of Cadets and Brigade of Midshipmen is the number one priority,” said Lieutenant General Darryl A. Williams, 60th Superintendent of the USMA.

“Hosting the Army-Navy Game on West Point will be the safest way for the Cadets and Midshipmen to experience the game.”

Navy leads in the all-time series, 61-52.“Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to visit the home of Army-Navy this December,” said Gladchuk.

“History will repeat itself as we stage this cherished tradition on Academy grounds as was the case dating back to World War II. Every effort was made to create a safe and acceptable environment for the Brigade, the Corps and our public while meeting city and state requirements. However, medical conditions and protocols dictate the environment in which we live. Therefore, on to the safe haven of West Point on Dec. 12, and let it ring true that even in the most challenging of times, the spirit and intent of the Brigade of Midshipmen and Corps of Cadets still prevails.”

“For service academies, athletic competition is essential to developing tough, resilient leaders with competitive mindsets who are prepared to serve our country in uniform. There is no better representation of that than the Army-Navy Football Game each year,” said the Naval Academy’s 63rd Superintendent Vice Admiral Sean Buck. “We will miss the warm welcome the City of Philadelphia provides to Army and Navy fans, however, we are thrilled to continue this longstanding tradition by playing the 121st Army-Navy Game at Michie Stadium at West Point this year.” It is unlikely there will be fan attendance allowed at Michie Stadium beyond the Corps of Cadets and Brigade of Midshipmen.The game will be televised December 12 by CBS Television Network at 3:00 PM.

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