Smythe Concedes NYS Senate Race to Serino

POUGHKEEPSIE – Democratic State Senate candidate Karen Smythe, Wednesday, conceded to incumbent 41st District State Senator Sue Serino.

“I congratulate Senator Serino on her victory and on a race well run,” Smythe said.

“I want to thank my supporters and team for their incredible work. Together, I know that we have helped elevate many important issues in our communities,” Smythe said. “At the end of the day, every absentee ballot must be opened and every vote counted. However, even with 30,000 absentee ballots outstanding, I do not see a different outcome.”

“Serving our community has been the honor of a lifetime and to be able to continue serving as your State Senator is truly humbling,” said Serino. “I thank Karen for a hard fought race and for taking the time to call me to concede so that we can all work to move our community forward together. In a year that’s been more divisive than most, what matters now is coming together to rebuild our community. I won’t stop working to ensure our neighbors have a strong, independent voice fighting for them in the days and weeks to come.”

This was a rerun of a contest two years ago when Serino narrowly defeated Smythe.

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