“Spatial Representation of Emotion” Exhibit Open

NEWBURGH – Artist Philippe Halaburda, who recently arrived in the Hudson Valley from France via Brooklyn, is exhibiting some of his latest works through April 1st at the AGC Gallery, 65 Liberty Street in Newburgh.

Workingmainly in acrylics on canvas, Halaburda also offers three-dimensional artworks, such as brightly colored shapes on skateboard decks or an old easel. They are part of an art installation that is constantly evolving, highlighted by the use of colored tapes throughout the entire space.

Paintings in this exhibit can resemble the letters of the alphabet dancing with one another, or thrashing about as they tumble from some high place in chaotic and harmonious compositions in chaotic or harmonious compositions. The artist describes some of his work in digital terms as “psychogeographic maps.” He says he “builds imaginary codes and abstract algorithms,” influenced by his emotions and his perception of an environment.

Visitors can decide for themselves at the gallery by calling 917-353-2064 for an appointment any weekday; or they can see him working on-site any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.