February is Celebrated as “Black History” Month

Truthfully, the study of “black history” is the true study of this country’s history for this country “America” was built off of my forefather’s whipped, brutalized, and murdered backs. How can we be so surprised re: the behavior that was being displayed by those that rampaged our “capital” building recently when their forefathers tore this country apart trying to keep my forefather’s slaves. That history is something that very many of them did not and still do not want revealed in our school’s history books. Did not they realize that “truth” crushed to the ground would most certainly rise again. Truthfully, I can most definitely realize why they did, and still do not want, that part of history to be revealed. For it shows just how depraved their forefathers were. Hanging our forefather’s bodies from trees, cutting the babies out of black women’s bodies, truthfully, who would want that type of inhumanity and horror shared?

That concern is not only about-what they have done, but is a reflection of who they were and who they still are, taking into consideration what we have seen going on throughout this country, as it pertains to the way that we African Americans are still being treated. Their true nature is most definitely still being displayed by what we saw going on several weeks ago at the “white” house. Wow! Truthfully, I do believe that their present behavior stems from an African American family residing in their “white house” for eight years and now being faced with a “black” woman being second in power in the United State’s government. Wow! Their minds are still holding on to the 1857 Dred Scott case when the supreme court ruled that neither free nor enslaved Africans were citizens and had no rights whites were bound to respect. They still are holding on to that mindset.

The American system of enslavement dealt with the extent of its brutality, it’s cultural genocide and its machinery of control. The brutality of slavery expresses itself on the physical, psychological and sexual level. Physically, it included violence in various forms – whippings, mutilations, torture, murder, overworking and deprivation of food, clothing and shelter. Psychological brutality included daily humiliation, denial and deformation of African history and humanity. It was, in fact, an objectification of the enslaved African, reducing him/ her to an object of labor, and using his “race” as proof and assignment of human worth and social status.

The true cause of the Civil War was the question of enslavement and also the question of the future of Africans in America. What we have seen going on throughout the years in this country is due to “white” America’s hatred towards African Americans. Why did and why do they still hate us so badly? How is this “hatred” possible in a country that professes to be largely a “Christian” country? Does not the bible tells us that our lord left us a “commandment” to “love” one another? “Where is the love?” I wonder how many of those that attacked the “white house” we’re professing Christians?

Truthfully, right about now, my heart is so overwhelmed re: what I see going on throughout this country, as it pertains to us “black” folks, that I just do not know what to think about how the future is going to be. We vote for change, but that vote cannot change the hearts of those that so desperately hate and despise us. Why do you hate and despise us so badly? Why?

This country was built off of our forefather’s backs, therefore it is just as much ours as it’s yours. How long? How long? How long? How long are we as a people going to have to endure this madness? How long are we going to still be treated as if we really don’t matter?
Racism and the judgements of God states, “it was as we wept before God, crying out to Him for the soul of our cities, that the Lord began to reveal to us the consequences of racism. He said that it was not just a regional principality; its influence was global. It is a world ruler.

Racism released the curse of death indiscriminately from one race upon another. The Lord said that it is the spirit of death which is destroying our cities, and it has for its entry point the stronghold of racism and cultural contempt in the people. Give some “real” serious thoughts to this for we are seeing the results of these words unfolding before our very eyes. “Lord have mercy!”

This is “Lillie’s point of view” and I’m just having my say! Now you can have yours. Peace!

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