“The Enemy is Within”

Dear Editor:

Is the genocidal GOP still the party of the defeated, deranged racist traitor Donald Trump? Or is the Republican Party now following the fanatical footsteps of that other infamous homicidal American politician Dan White, the crazy ex-cop who murdered San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk?

Actually, FOX News’ favorite fresh fascist face Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) appears to conveniently enough be the political combination of Donald Trump and Dan White – a pathologically dishonest, crackpot conspiracy theorist whose severe psychopathy is clearly putting her on the path of political assassination and domestic terrorism. Marjorie is a psycho! But Trump says Greene is “a future Republican Star”.

Here’s a suggestion for you neo-Nazi Republicans: next time you attempt a domestic terrorist takeover, hijacking the federal government with hateful hillbillies is probably not the most effective approach.

Perhaps crazy Congresswoman Greene’s diabolical cult leader Donald Trump can take a cue from Dan White and go suck on a tailpipe until Trump the traitor breathes no more? Trump might as well call it a day anyway, since Dan White’s “Twinkie defense” will be of no use to Donald Trump in any court of law in the state of New York.

Jake Pickering

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