New Governing Philosophy is in Motion

Dear Editor:

Since Joe Biden assumed the presidency and Democrats took a working majority in the Senate they wasted no time displaying their new governing philosophy: “Might Makes Right.”

One only has to look at the Democrats’ move to impeach Donald Trump and conduct a trial in the Senate even though it is unconstitutional on at least two points: First, he is already out of office; the Senate has no jurisdiction over a civilian. Secondly, the Constitution explicitly calls for the trial to be presided by the Chief Justice. Since Chief Justice Roberts refused to preside that should be the end of it. But this Democrat Congress simply makes up its own rules and decides it will go through with a trial anyway. They will do it because they can. They have the power. After all, the Constitution is a “living document” and can mean whatever they want it to mean. They have the power to define what the Constitution says about impeachment or anything else for that matter—might makes right!

This is the very essence of totalitarianism. Might makes right in dictatorships, not in the America I grew up in. God help us to restore righteous government.

Rev. Bill Banuchi,
Executive Director, New York State Faith & Freedom Coalition

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