Concern Over Dutchess County’s Waste Plans

Dear Editor,

Many in Congress ask how can the former President he be tried for a public offense when he is a private citizen now?

Are we going to say that since an accused felon is now plying a different criminal trade, or has moved out of the area, or is recently divorced, he can’t be convicted because of his new status?

Democracies have always held public leaders to account no matter when or where their crimes were committed. The historian Plutarch reminds us that in Rome, the famous Coriolanus was impeached and tried well after he had left the elected public office that was the scene of his crime.

Lucius Quintius was impeached and expelled from the Senate for an action seven years before while serving as governor of a province.

As we think about 2024, Paulus Aemilius was said to be a very careful public servant subsequent to being impeached and fined in an earlier term of office.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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