Sanctuary Rescues Animals Amid Severe Neglect

HIGH FALLS – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing farmed animals and providing them with lifelong care and sanctuary, worked with the North Greenbush Police and Mohawk Hudson Humane Society to assist in helping hundreds of neglected, sick animals on Tuesday, January 26th. The sanctuary rescued over 50 farmed animals from the location.

The police and humane society ran a joint investigation at a farm on Hidley Road in Wynantskill, New York following a complaint that had been filed regarding poor living conditons including inadequate shelter, food, and water. Woodstock Sanctuary pulled two baby cows, seven turkeys, six ducks, and 38 chickens from the farm all of whom need urgent medical attention. The birds were immediately brought to Woodstock Sanctuary to receive medical triage by the animal caregiving staff and the two baby calves were brought to Cornell Animal Hospital. Due to the number of animals and severity of neglect, Woodstock Sanctuary also needed to set up temporary ISO space in addition to their medical building to accommodate.

“We were planning on rescuing a cow and the chickens,” said Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director. “But once we were on the ground, we saw the need for us to take as many of the farmed animals as possible. It was truly heartbreaking and I wasn’t comfortable not saving everyone we possibly could.”

The investigation is currently ongoing. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is asking for support from its community to help cover medical costs for this unexpected, large rescue. To give a gift, please click here. The Sanctuary is also asking for donated goods including clean bath towels, bleach, and paper towels. Please mail goods to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary 2 Rescue Road, High Falls, NY 12440.

Please contact Lizz Truitt to set up an interview with Executive Director Rachel McCrystal or Shelter Director Hervé Breuil. The Sanctuary would love to do video interviews featuring some of the rescued animals.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescues farmed animals and gives them care and sanctuary, connects animals with people to advance veganism, and advocates for animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements. The Sanctuary was founded in 2004 and is located in High Falls, N.Y., just 90 minutes north of New York City. To learn more, visit

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