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Our Border Turns into the Biden “Hustle”

Harry C. Alford and Kay DeBow.
Harry C. Alford and Kay DeBow.

Activity along our Southern Border was going along smoothly under the Trump Administration. Mile after mile was being built with a protected fence and illegal trafficking was turning into a slow crawl. Our Homeland Security was being quite effective and motivation by this federal agency was improving day by day. Our economy was growing and our tax levels were being reduced making the financial health of our nation pointing to an all time high with taxes being reduced. After decades we were starting down the correct “path”.

Then came election 2020 and Trump was pushed out of office and the ultra-liberal Joe Biden became our new president and with him came “bushels” of executive orders that changed our whole border policy. Success has started turning back to the days of super smuggling and illegal trafficking of children and the homeless. The border has once again become a “highway” for human trafficking. With that comes a growing unemployment rate replete with welfare and illegal crime. The pride exhibited by Homeland Security was rather short lived. Our farmers along the border are in danger once again. The illegal cartels are back in business once again.

Daily, thousands of refugees are escorted across the border by the cartels who appear to fear no one or nothing while executing their illegal activity. The refugees are paying fees up to $15,000 a person. Where do they get the funding? They are coming not just from South America but nations such as Iran, Bangladesh, Somalia, west African nations and the entire Middle East. Along with the refugees are the illegal drugs which come from various places throughout the world. Most notable is China.

Speaking of China, we believe this nation has a very high influence in this matter. We already know that the Chinese government has an affinity towards President Biden. They have kept his family on their payroll despite the shame it has caused our nation and the dirty proof against the illegal and vile meddling by the Biden family itself. How can a nation which calls itself the “Land of the Free” get its “hands” delving into such filth?

Our government is filled with contradictions when it comes to China. Senator Diane Feinstein’s company known at Tudor Perini gathers billions of dollars from contractual work done for the Chinese government. She even had a Chinese chauffeur (spy) escort her around for over ten years before the CIA said stop it. Imagine the amount of espionage gathered from listening devices in her car -top rank U.S. Government info.

Former Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao has the main part of her family still living in China and prospering from a thriving multi-billion- dollar operation. That business? Transportation – of course! The conflicts are immense and go on and on.

The sadness is that our nation is up for grabs. Our borders are not being respected and even high elected officials have their dirty hands in the process. Why do we watch this tragedy and disgrace to go on right before our eyes and do nothing? In fact, we often support it and even vote for it at the voting booths.

Our treasury is sinking, taxes rising, corruption stretching out with its greedy, filthy hands – “And The Band Plays On”.

This is indeed a “Crisis”! Call it whatever you want but a Crisis it is. A Crisis that is growing daily and all the while we still have a Pandemic that refuses to go away. While we obtain and then release these aliens no one thinks of screening them for COVID 19. Thus, infected persons are walking right across our border with no adequate policing or screening. This is not a responsible border procedure and we will pay dearly for it.

Meanwhile, slick President Joe Biden refuses to have a press conference about this matter nor any other issue. The money is raking in as fast as you can say “Sell out to China!”
Mr. President, the loot is personal and does nothing to protect our great nation. It is corrupt and undoubtedly “Evil”. May God save us in time.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Ms. DeBow is the Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of the Chamber. Website:

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