Good Friday! The Day Jesus Christ Was Crucified

Many, many years ago, on this day, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ was crucified! On that day many hearts were so heavily burdened as they watched their Savior’s body being beaten and brutalized. On this day, as I’m writing this column, many hearts, including mine, are very heavily burdened as we sit watching the trial of the police officer that has been accused of taking George Floyd’s life away from him. I realize that our pain in no way compares to the pain that was in those hearts on that day, so many years ago. I just know that tears are flowing from my eyes due to the depravity that I witnessed watching that officer continuously keep his knee on George Floyd’s neck until no breath was any longer flowing from his body.

In no way am I comparing George Floyd’s life to Jesus’ life, but I am comparing the depraved way in which his life was snatched away from him. It was very cold and very brutal. Wow! But why should we be so surprised because this isn’t the first time that one’s life was snatched away from them in a brutal way by a police officer. Truthfully, we should be used to it by now. Lord have mercy! How long, how long is this horrible police brutality going to be allowed to continue? How long? How long? Truthfully, throughout the years this depravity has been allowed to exist. Why? Because police departments were originally created to maim and brutalize us “Black” folks, since the days that our forefathers were set free from slavery.

How long are we going to continue to be abused and murdered by the police? How long? How long? Our forefather’s lives must have been lived in a very painful way due to the fact that they “Never” knew when their bodies were going to be beaten and brutalized by a “Racist” policeman’s hands or ended by a bullet shot from those policemen’s guns. No wonder alcohol was used in the way that it was and still is by so many of my people for it helps to dull the pain of the hard cold reality that our life could at any moment be snatched away from us by a policeman’s bullet. Wow.

Why are we hated so badly by a large majority of “White” folks? What did we, as a people, do to cause such depravity to be used against us? Since our forefather’s feet first touched the land of this country we have been abused and misused. Why? Why? Why? Because of that abuse many of us have allowed it to also become a part of our profile. How is it possible in a land that throughout the years has proclaimed and professed to be largely a “Christian” land has it been so able to be so “Evil” towards another human being! It cannot be because you look upon us “Black” folks as being nothing but animals, because you treat your animals in a very “Royal” way. Why! Why? Why?

When are the police departments throughout this nation going to have a magnifying glass held upon them to scrutinize the way in which they are treating, maiming, brutalizing and killing us “Black” folks? When? When? When? When will this “Madness” ever stop? If so, when? Truthfully, I do not believe that it will ever stop because it is so often “Overlooked” and “Tolerated” by those that have the power to stop it. Most city councils throughout this country are not that concerned about how their police departments are treating their minority citizens.

Why Not? That is a very “Serious” question which needs some “Very Serious” thoughts given towards it. The finalization of this “George Floyd” case is going to send a very “Loud & Clear” message throughout this country. Which will it be? “Guilty” or “Not Guilty?”

Truthfully, I do not believe that it will matter because unless a “heart transplant” is done on police departments throughout this country nothing will ever be “Seriously” changed re: the way that us “Black” folks are treated. Truthfully, in my heart I do believe that it’s going to take a miracle. In the city of Newburgh, New York their city council is trying to create laws whereby a city council person can be penalized for their behavior towards a policeman. It does not actually say that but “We” truly know why this new law that they are trying to implement has been put in place, what it is trying to accomplish, and who it is “Seriously” trying to set up to be snatched off of the city of Newburgh’s city council. Be very sure to listen in to the next city of Newburgh’s city council meeting which will be held on Monday, April 12th.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say and now you can have yours! Peace!

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