City of Newburgh Announces Road Improvements

By Madison Langweil

NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh is excited to announce the 2021 spring paving season that is scheduled to begin in June. The paving process is part of the City of Newburgh Paving Plan that began last year in 2020.

The 2021 paving process will begin following the milling process that will begin May 26th. The first five streets that will be milled and then paved include: Sherman Drive, Flemming Drive, Morningside Road, Pleasant Place, and Circle Drive.

During this milling period, an asphalt machine will be used to remove the top layer of the street that will temporarily cause rough road surface that can be uncomfortable to drive or bike on. This milling process “is a vital step in the repaving process,” said Todd Venning, Newburgh City Manager.

Once the milling process and paving process are completed, it will increase roadway lifespan, Venning said.

Mayor Torrence Harvey expressed his excitement for the milling and paving that’s on schedule. “There are some tough fiscal decisions that we’ve had to make in the past and will continue to move forward–to move this city forward.”

Resolutions for the two properties were approved Monday Night, 185 Broadway (left) and 318 N. Montgomery (right).
Resolutions for the two properties were approved Monday Night, 185 Broadway (left) and 318 N. Montgomery (right).

As the new Newburgh City Manager, Venning also rehashed the 185 Broadway property disposition that received four offers with two being from city residents and the other two being non-city residents.

“The highest offer ended up being from a non-city resident after the disposition policy bonuses were applied,” he said. The disposition policy bonus gave an opportunity for a long time Newburgh resident to buy the property “who was also a member of a minority group that has historically experienced housing discrimination.”

The other property that fell under this category was 318 N. Montgomery that had an oil tank underneath the property of which has now been removed with the contingency for the owner to agree to a ten-year occupancy agreement.

“North Montgomery Street and Broadway, those two projects, is something that is good and this program that we brought in,” said Patty Sofokles, Council Member. The ten-year occupancy agreement, she says, has also worked in her neighborhood. “It really does work,” she said.

The council is optimistic that their next City Council meeting will be in person following their latest meeting Monday, May 24th.

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