Makes Me Want to “Holla” and Throw Up My Hands

Early this morning, around 2AM, while watching Don Lemon’s show, I could hardly keep from screaming due to what my eyes were viewing. It was an incident which happened in Louisiana several years ago, showing the police battering a young man to death. It was so horrific that I started screaming and crying. The interview was with the mother of that man and I must say it brought tears to my eyes once again. America is most definitely heading towards “Self-Destruction” due to this ongoing police madness, which truthfully has been going on since its inception. “Makes me wanna Holla!”

How long? How long? How long are we, mostly African American mother’s, going to have to endure this madness? How long? When will this “Racist” madness stop? What is it going to take to make it stop? Why is it almost impossible to make it stop? Now that the police throughout the nation are supposed to be wearing body cameras, what good is that? Even with those cameras capturing their violence, this inhumane madness is still going on. WOW! So what is the answer to this police inhumanity? What is it going to take to bring this horrible mess to an end? The very thought of the answer to that question leaves me feeling inwardly, very sad. This country is heading towards self-destruction and it’s “All” due to man’s inhumanity to man! “Makes me wanna Holla!”

Truthfully, I find it to be quite amazing that this country sends troops to other countries to help them quell the violence going on there, but cannot stop the violence that our police are perpetuating throughout our nation against its own fellow Americans. This makes me wanna holla and throw up both my hands. Throughout this country, most African American mothers are very weary re: this police pandemic going on throughout this country. Truthfully, this wearisome mindset has been going on since our fore father’s feet first touched this land. How has this madness been able to go on and on and on in a country that professes to be largely Christian? Truthfully, the answer to that question should not be very hard to find, due to the fact that it was the “Christian” leadership that turned Christ over to be crucified. WOW! “Makes me wanna Holla!”

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! This country is heading toward self-destruction. How long is it going to be before this country blows up due to its inhumanity towards many of its citizens. Could this inhumanity been able to exist throughout the years due to the fact that my people are looked upon, by the powers that be, as nothing but animals. This cannot be because they mostly treat their animals very well. So what is it then? Why are we African Americans treated so badly? Why? Why? Why? Truthfully, I’m getting so tired to have to keep asking that question for it “Makes me wanna Holla!”

Truthfully, I cannot understand how such “Hatred” can be towards another human being in a country that professes to be largely Christian. How is this possible? Where is the “Love” that was commanded of us by our Heavenly Father to grant unto one another? Where is it? Where is it? Judgement is soon coming! This nation had better wake up and realize what’s “Really” going on. This nation is heading towards self-destruction. In fact, this world is heading in that direction due to the fact that it has turned its back against God. “Makes me wanna Holla!”

Let me end this with this: Even though we may not understand “All” of this insanity that is going on, and even though sometimes it make us wanna “Holla” and throw up both of our hands, never forget who will have the “Last” word. What we see going on throughout the world should make us realize that we are seeing the beginning of the “End” going on before our very eyes. Soon and “Very” soon we “All” are going to be standing before the “Judgement” seat of God! Then we will “All” have to give an account for it all. The signs are falling all around us. Chaos is going on throughout the world and its all due to the fact that things are winding down. The evidence that is surrounding us should make us “All” aware that this world is on the verge of ending!

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

Last, but most definitely not least, “Congratulations” are due to the winners of the recent “Newburgh Enlarged School District” election which were: Ramona Burton, Renne Greene and Philip Howard! Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours. PEACE!

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