RECAP Receives Generous Donation of $4,000

NEWBURGH – The Teaching Assistant Chapter of the Newburgh Teachers Association generously donated $4,000 to the Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP). Every year, the Teaching Assistant Chapter donates part of their dues to a cause deemed worthy by their membership, and this year they are proud to partner with RECAP.

Since 1965, RECAP has been serving Orange County to address the social determinants of health and conditions that cause poverty. RECAP serves seniors, children, veterans, those living with HIV/AIDS, struggling with substance use disorder, affected by domestic violence and anyone living at or below the poverty line by providing programs and services to provide support and increase self-sufficiency.

Anthony Grice, an educator at the New Windsor School and RECAP board member, stated, “As an educator in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, an elected official in the City of Newburgh, and a board member of RECAP, and knowing what all three of those organizations have been doing to help people, it made perfect sense to have RECAP receive this generous donation. I am happy to stand with them in their important fight in tackling and curtailing poverty.”

“The Newburgh Teaching Assistants have only made donations this substantial during the COVID crisis.”Said Joni Mongelli. “The Teaching Assistant Chapter of the NTA saw a way to put our hard-earned dues money to good use in the community. We voted, unanimously, to give to this donation to RECAP, the worthy charity that services the youngest to the eldest, and certainly the neediest of our neighbors here in Newburgh.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of RECAP, we are so thankful to the Teaching Assistant Chapter of the Newburgh Teacher’s Association for their generous donation.” Said Charles Quinn, RECAP’s Chief Executive Officer. “RECAP is proud of our many partnerships in the City of Newburgh and the work done by the teachers and teaching assistants is emblematic of our shared commitment to this community.”

About the Agency
RECAP’s services help people living in poverty in Orange County and the surrounding areas. We work with our community’s most vulnerable populations including seniors, children, veterans, the homeless and the hungry, those living with HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, people battling substance use disorder and anyone struggling to make ends meet.


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