Ferry Godmother Takes Flight in a New Direction

The Ferry Godmother announced that for the second year the Newburgh Jazz Series, Newburgh Jewish Music Series, Orange County Pop, Rock & Doowop Series and many other annual art and music events will not be held. Traditionally this would be the kickoff week for an entire summer of free concerts on the Newburgh waterfront. Scheduled were 17 shows of Grammy winners, nominees, and known locals, held each Wed and Thursday in July and August. Aquanetta “FerryGodmother” Wright, founder and executive producer says, “Although the community is ready to get back to normal with the wonderful weekly free concerts on the waterfront, the conditions for businesses have not reached a level of sustainability to support our events.” For changes and updates, www.FerryGodmother.com.

Affected by the coronavirus, similar to 2020, once again there will be a special event by invite only for long time sponsors and supporters. Over the years there have been many people that have been important to the success of the many Ferry Godmother events. This year’s event will feature their characterization in a 2d animation, and a sneak preview of the effects of the coronavirus on their music events. The sponsor is the Ferry Godmother Production’s latest project “Magic Feet ‘’, buy one: gift one designer compression socks for first responders, healthcare, and essential workers. For more info go to www.MagicFeet.club.

Pictured are moments from previous events held by the Ferry Godmother.
Pictured are moments from previous events held by the Ferry Godmother.

Ferry Godmother Productions has brought world class musicians to the city of Newburgh. It is the businesses in the area which has allowed every Grammy winner, nominee and known local to be paid a contractual wage. “This is a practice which I take very seriously”, so until businesses have recovered, we cannot move forward” the Ferry Godmother states.

For the past two decades, Orange County has been entertained by the best musicians in the region. With over twenty performances annually, the free concerts ran twice or three times a week for an entire summer. For the necessary funding each year, the budget is dependent on the generosity and willingness to support the community by corporate and small businesses.

In the wake of the greatest battle of the 21st century, many live performance venues have struggled to survive and now must pivot to a new way of doing business. Like many other businesses, the effect on the entertainment industry has been devastating with no income in 2020, the Ferry Godmother has had to evolve into a more sustainable form, changing the paradigm by offering opportunities to bridge community support where it is much needed.
COVID19 has seen a steady decline in infected cases and fatalities. Now the many businesses that support the arts can rebuild, leading to event sponsorship in the future.

For more info about Ferry Godmother projects and programs, www.FerryGodmother.com

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