NAACP Convention Focuses on Diverse Future Agenda

BALTIMORE, M.D. – The NAACP will host its 112th national convention from July 6 to July 14, 2021. For two weeks the nation’s most prominent advocacy and social justice organization will bring together elected officials, activists, organizers, faith leaders, and entertainers for workshops and discussions to promote solutions to some of the most pressing issues like voter suppression, police brutality, environmental sustainability, economic injustice, and more. Registration for the convention is now open. Interested participants can register at

“As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and a political, social, and economic system in need of fixing, this year’s convention sets the tone on how we move forward,” said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP. “While we’ve yet to see the long-term consequences of the past four years, we know that the issues plaguing our nation and communities have compounded exponentially. The significance of how we rebuild our country cannot be understated. The 112th Annual Convention provides a foundation for all to come to the table to discuss and implement long-overdue solutions.”

Each year, the NAACP provides a platform for concerned citizens to step away from the front lines of the fight for civil rights to reflect, learn from each other, and plot the path forward. Forums and workshops with leading policymakers, activists, and organizers offer an opportunity to carve out the vital work we have to do under a new presidential administration, solutions to people’s growing demands for change, and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 112th NAACP National Convention will be virtually available for all and feature notable social activists, industry leaders, and public servants discussing the actions and solutions necessary to improve, protect, and change our communities for the better.

“There is no denying that the frays of our nation have brought us to a tipping point,” said Leon W. Russell, chairman, NAACP Board of Directors. “It is imperative that we chart a viable pathway forward that is inclusive and equitable. Our national convening with the nation’s foremost leaders from various backgrounds allows us to create real solutions that have a substantial impact.”

More information about the 2021 NAACP National Convention, including a schedule of events and registration details, can be found by visiting

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