Tompkins Mahopac Bank Helps Poughkeepsie High

POUGHKEEPSIE – A $7,500 grant from Tompkins Mahopac Bank is providing an influx of financial resources over three years to help stock up shelves for next year’s reopening of the Poughkeepsie High School (PHS) Store. Set to relaunch this September 2021, the newly remodeled PHS Store will be ready for students at the start of the next school year.

According to PHS Principal Kellyann Royce-Giron, the store will be a pathway to graduation, where students can clock in hours, learn financial literacy skills, and use the hours toward graduation. Students will learn how to do inventory, keep books, work a cash register and order supplies and can earn points through the program that are redeemable at the school store for items.

Tompkins Mahopac Bank’s involvement in the important project is more than just a financial one. “We’re working closely with the school to teach students how to budget, how to set up a business, manage inventory and discuss profit margins,” said Amy Greiner, vice president for Tompkins Mahopac Bank. “As part of our work with PHS, we’ll help put together any financial education that the school needs to help its students, whether it’s personal budgeting, setting financial goals, understanding car loans, or the basics of financial terminology. It’s exciting to be part of a hands-on program that teaches real world skills.”

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