New Polling Sites Bill Has Been Signed Into Law

Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson’s (D-104) bill (A2168) regarding polling sites was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. It was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Shelley Mayer (S6216).

The bill requires the Board of Elections to post a notice at the entrance of an old polling location informing voters that the polling place has been moved and providing the street address of the new location.

Jacobson said, “This bill is a small but important victory for voting rights. Too often, voters arrive at their usual polling place only to discover that the site has been moved. If no signs are placed to tell them where to go, most voters get frustrated, give up, and never cast their ballot. I am pleased that Governor Cuomo is signing my bill mandating that a visible sign listing the address of the new polling place be posted at the old location.”

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