Army Getting Set for Opener With Second Scrimmage

WEST POINT – The Army West Point football team participated in its second scrimmage in August as the Black Knights get set for the season opener at Georgia State on Sept. 4 in Atlanta.

Head coach Jeff Monken as well as linebacker Daryan McDonald and quarterback Jemel Jones spoke after the scrimmage.

Army Scrimmage Notes
The scrimmage started off with two minute drill with Jabari Laws, Christian Anderson and Jemel Jones all getting a chance to run the hurry up.

The defense posted stops during the first two drives, forcing a punt from Zach Harding.
Jones led the team to six points during the drill with Jakobi Buchanan finding the endzone after Jones connected with Laquan Veney for a long gain.

Tyhier Tyler took the first snaps for the first team during a regular drive and eventually ran it in for a touchdown after a long drive.

Anderson took the next snaps and eventually rushed it in for a touchdown on third down.

Tyler back in after halftime break and found Veney for a 10-yard touchdown reception.

Laws came in later in the scrimmage again and found Justin Lescouflair rushed it in to end the drive with six points.

Cole Talley crossed the goal line for extra two-point conversion.

Ended with rookies offense vs defense

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