Book Signing for Author Nefateria Squire Dancey

POUGHKEEPSIE – On July 28 , 2021 Nefateria Squire Dancey author of, “Te’nasede” (tenacity) held her initial book signing , at Truth Lounge located on Main Street in Poughkeepsie. This event was public and catered to a small group for the initial meet and greet with the author, who is a local resident.

Nefateria Squire-Dancey was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY and is a proud graduate of Poughkeepsie High school. She is a single mother of one son. Nefateria continues to reside and work within the Hudson Valley.

Book cover of “Te’nasede” written by author Nefateria Squire Dancey.
Book cover of “Te’nasede” written by author Nefateria Squire Dancey.

The book “Te’nasede” is about the realization of overcoming depression and disconnection with total determination in stride. The book is categorized as a self help, and as described on the back cover, “was written with the purpose of fostering self care, unlearning, healing, uplifting and inspiring the many lives of ‘strong’ individuals who tend to suffer in silence with many hidden hurts.”

The event was an intimate moment for this first time author to promote the book. There was a showcase of local guest talents, raffles, and discussion (Q&A with the author.) Participants were able to get their personal copy of the book “Te’nasede” (tenacity) signed by the author.

Nefaterias’ statement reflecting on the outcome of the book signing, “I’m actually full of so many emotions! However, grateful is above all else. In the times we are all living in right now, the 40 plus family and friends that came out to show love and support, help make my book signing a huge success. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I just hope my many words touch their lives and others.”

Ty Johnson , the owner of Truth Lounge stated, “Truth was thrilled that we were able to help celebrate such an accomplishment. Nefateria is a pillar in our community and we are forever grateful to have shared the moment.”

The book was released for distribution by Amazon on July 31, 2021. It can be found there in E-book form and paperback.

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