Steve Brescia Out as Legislature Chairman

GOSHEN – Steve Brescia stepped down as Chairman of the Orange County Legislature on Friday, September 24. Brescia, who also serves as the Mayor of Montgomery said his stint as Legislature Chairman ended at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.

Former Majority Leader Katie Bonelli has been tapped to take Brescia’s place as Chair of the legislative body.

The Democratic caucus of the Orange County Legislature issued a statement saying “After years of calling out former chairman Brescia for his tolerance of quid pro quo activities and abusive leadership style, in June of this year the Democratic caucus called for him to step down as legislative leader during the IDA corruption scandal due to, what the District Attorney referred to as his, near criminally incompetent lack of oversight of the IDA. The majority of Republicans in the Legislature failed to join this call and allowed Legislator Brescia to stay on in his leadership position.”

The Democratic lawmakers added “All of these Republicans have long known about Legislator Brescia’s abusive tendencies toward colleagues, constituents, and opponents, and although they have forced him out in light of new allegations, they are complicit in allowing his abusive and corrupt style of leadership to occur.”

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