Karen Muira Raises $2400 and Awareness for PR Street Dogs

By Jennifer L. Warren

HOPEWELL JUNCTION – Just thinking about it brings tears to Karen Muira’s eyes.

The simple image of her beloved, now adopted dog of three years: five year old Lucy navigating the streets of Puerto Rico, all alone fending for herself and her six puppies is unbearable to the Hopewell Junction resident Muira. However, when she counters that site with Lucy’s eventual rescue by the not-for- profit organization, Love 4 Satos, a huge smile emerges, and she is overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s this intense mix of emotions, Muira’s lifelong passion and love for animals, along with long-term involvement with running that incited her to show the depth of her (and Lucy’s) appreciation to Love 4 Satos.

“I was compelled to help other street dogs like Lucy,” reflected Muira, who pointed out the serious animal overpopulation issue in Puerto Rico, which includes the startling 300, 000 stray dogs occupying their streets. “Together, we came up with the Rainbow Bridge fundraiser, honoring the dogs that have given us unconditional love, while helping street dogs like Lucy get a chance to be loved.”

Paying homage to the dogs that have passed to the afterlife as well as helping Puerto Rican Street dogs (known as Satos), the 24 mile, chiefly Appalachian Trail run completed Saturday, November 13, starting at 6am, featured some unique, symbolic flair. Lucy’s leash was clad with a large ensemble of ribbons, bearing the names of deceased dogs of those providing a donation. As Lucy energetically trotted along the mountainous path, she carried the spirit of around 150 dogs with her. Meanwhile, her owner, Muira, dressed in colorful rainbow garments with melodious bells around her waist, holding onto Lucy’s leash, kept a steady pace, smiling all the while, reflecting upon the wonderful life each former “Satos” had.

For seven hours, amid crisp fall weather conditions, the tandem unwaveringly stayed the course on some of their favorite trails, committed to their heartfelt, critical purpose. Tallying $2400 in donations that will go directly to Love 4 Satos, the duo could not have been happier with their completed mission Saturday afternoon, around 1pm, when their run concluded at Bear Mountain Bridge.

“Together, we can help future, street dogs get the life they so desperately deserve with a loving home,” said Muira.

A huge piece of that more secured canine future is due to the efforts of Love 4 Satos. Carrying a mission of rescuing homeless dogs in Puerto Rico, the organization also rehabilitates and places them in a stable and suitable forever home in the Continental United States. It’s the potency of those altruistic efforts that Muira experienced first-hand a few years ago, and will never, ever forget, and can only hope others too will now have the priceless opportunity to experience.

“I am so thankful for Love4Satos,” said a visibly touched Muira following the 24 mile trek of love and gratitude and surrounded by her running partner, “I would not have my dearest Lucy without them.”

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