Here Are Some Ways to Overcome Holiday Blues

By JJ Winston

For the last 11 months, we’ve had to adjust our lives in many different ways because of the pandemic. As the holidays approach us, major life changes and family drama can intensify an already stressful situation.

“Holidays are a time for self- reflection. Take advantage of this time and opportunity to self-reflect and focus on the positive less on the negative.

Here are some tips to get you through the holiday blues:
* Acknowledge your feelings – It’s OK to take time to cry or express your feelings. You can’t force yourself to be happy just because it’s the holiday season.
* Reach out – If you are feeling lonely or isolated, seek out friends, family or community, religious or other social events or communities.
* Be realistic. The holidays don’t have to be perfect. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well.
* Set aside your differences. Try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don’t live up to all of your expectations.
* Stick to a budget. Before you do your gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then stick to your budget.
* Don’t abandon healthy habits. Don’t let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overindulgence only adds to your stress and guilt.

About JJ Winston
JJ Winston is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, an Attorney and Magistrate who has focused her 25 year career on improving the lives of Cleveland Ohio’s most fragile citizens. For 19 years, JJ Winston served as an advocate for individuals and their families who suffer with behavioral health disorders and has received several awards for her work

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