Genesis Ramos Takes Oath of Office, Makes History

By Jennifer L. Warren

NEWBURGH – Genesis Ramos spent countless hours on her Hasbrouck Street porch as a child: it was a place where she learned priceless lessons, observed the power of community, and dreamed of her future, one that has now arrived in a more beautiful fashion than she could have ever scripted.

“Never did I imagine when sitting on that porch, I would be a trailblazer,” said Ramos as she delivered the first speech of her 29 year old life last Tuesday evening at The Newburgh Activity Center, where she officially took the oath as an Orange County Legislator representing District 6. Ramos’ pioneer status runs deep. She is not only now the first woman of color to occupy this position, but also the first woman to represent District 6.

Genesis Ramos offers remarks after she was sworn in as the newly elected Orange County Legislator for District 6 on January 4, 2022. Hudson Valley Press/CHUCK STEWART, JR.
Genesis Ramos offers remarks after she was sworn in as the newly elected Orange County Legislator for District 6 on January 4, 2022. Hudson Valley Press/CHUCK STEWART, JR.

Add to those impressive trailblazing feats, Ramos is also one of the youngest women ever to be elected to the Orange County Legislature. These firsts, along with the confidence in and support of her community, are pearls she does not take lightly for one second.

“To say it is an honor (to be elected) is an understatement,” said a visibly grateful Ramos following taking her oath of office. “From day one, this has been about our community that deserves to be represented, and I look forward to representing us with dignity and respect.”

Ramos’ older brother, Marlon, oversaw the event, providing details about his sister that reflected her unique journey as well as natural leadership skill set. Alluding to Genesis’ lifelong residence in the City of Newburgh, Marlon went on to indicate the problems she keenly observed as well as the magnet pull she felt to troubleshoot them and make things better for the community she has always believed in and loved. After graduating from Newburgh Free Academy, there were opportunities to go elsewhere; however, leaving was never an option.

“Genesis chose to stay; she also chose to run for office, bringing exposure and hope for people with similar backgrounds,” affirmed Marlon. “She wanted to show the possibilities, bring solutions to the problems and to be a trailblazer.”

Several political dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the historic Newburgh moment. Among them was City of Newburgh Mayor, Torrance Harvey, who has already collaborated with Ramos and witnessed not only her political prowess, but so too her authentic character.

“Genesis is known all around here as courageous, caring and intelligent; just being around this young woman, you can figure out her mission,” said Harvey. “It’s not simply to survive, but to really thrive; she marches to her own beat and does so with real style.”

Further pointing to her historic accomplishments already being elected as an Orange County Legislator, Harvey expressed his brewing excitement over seeing Ramos get officially sworn into the office. He also indicated how much he looked forward to further collaboration with her and all of the positive possibilities for Newburgh as a result.
Ramos too can’t wait to get started.

“The road ahead will be filled with challenges,” said Ramos as she looked out to the audience. “However, know that I will always act from a place of integrity, and I really look forward to the next four years serving us.”

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