Kingston Mayor Has Major Plans in Store

KINGSTON – The city turns 150 years old in 2022 and good financial footing in 2021 will allow Kingston to move forward with infrastructure and housing projects this year, says the mayor.

“We have been able to weather the storms over the last few years. We like that we are in a very good place to implement the types of infrastructure upgrades and housing projects we’re looking for in 2022,” said Mayor Steve Noble.

A tiny home project at two vacant sites will be developed, and Noble said the city will also encourage more affordable housing development. Noble said there will also be a focus on working with the Kingston City Land Bank to return vacant homes, once renovated, back to the tax rolls with affordable ownership programs for first-time buyers.

“We also have a wonderful relationship with the Kingston City Land Bank and with our partners at RUPCO to be able to focus on more first-time homebuyer programs here in Kingston,” he said.

The mayor, who delivered his state of the city address before the Common Council, said there will be road and sewer repair projects in Midtown, capital improvements at Dietz Stadium and a $9 million upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant

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