Orange County Dems Call For Transparency

GOSHEN – Orange County Democratic Chairman Brett A. Broge and Orange County Young Democrats President Zak Constantine released the following statement calling for further transparency from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt regarding his conduct on January 6, 2021.

Following the violent attempted-insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt admitted to addressing a group of protestors who then traveled by chartered bus to participate in the 1/6 events. As the one year anniversary of these horrible events arrives, many questions remain due to Schmitt’s lack of transparency on the subject, including:

● If Schmitt didn’t endorse violence or do anything beyond encouraging peaceful protest, why won’t he release the footage his staff was photographed taking during his remarks to the group?

● Will Schmitt publicly state that the 2020 election results were legitimate given there have been zero credible allegations of widespread fraud?

● Will Schmitt denounce those who engaged in violence on January 6, 2021?

● Does Schmitt endorse the conspiracy theory publicized at an event he hosted that antifa caused the violence on 1/6 despite FBI statements to the contrary?

“One year has passed since the tragic events on January 6th, but Assemblyman Schmitt has taken no steps forward to provide much needed clarity for the people of Orange County about his actions that morning,” said Brett Broge, Chairman of the Orange County Democratic Committee. “His constituents deserve to know whether he still condones spreading lies about the election and why he won’t release the footage of his remarks to protestors going to DC the morning of the 6th.”

“The brutal attack on our nation’s capital and law enforcement last January was nothing short of un-American. Those involved sought to destroy not just a symbol of our shared democracy, but indeed the most fundamental of our democratic rights. Innocent lives were lost. Members of the Capitol Police were killed or traumatized,” said Senator James Skoufis. “To have actively encouraged these insurrectionists and participated in such destruction is a dereliction of duty, pure and simple, and illustrates an astounding lack of moral character or sense of responsibility to the citizens of this great nation.”

“Assemblyman Schmitt’s conduct on January 6th and refusal to acknowledge the results of the 2020 election once again shows that he cares more about perpetuating baseless and dangerous lies than the lives of the men and women of the Capitol Police — the people who protect the very place he wishes to serve,” said Zak Constantine, President of Orange County Young Democrats. “Orange County deserves elected officials at all levels of government who will avoid these radical and toxic displays of partisanship and focus on delivering real quality of life improvements for the working families of our region.”

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt released the following statement regarding what he called “baseless attacks from the Orange County Democratic Party.”

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “A year ago, Orange County Democrat Chair Brett Broge and Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney attacked me for speaking to members of Orange County Right to Life, which is a faith-based organization, about legislation pending in the State Legislature. Even worse, they personally attacked the members of that peaceful organization, including dozens of local senior citizens, and shamefully labeled them domestic terrorists. Now, Broge is it again. Broge’s only concern should be apologizing to those who he denigrated with his baseless accusations for no other reason than to advance his partisan political agenda.”

Colin Schmitt stated he is committed to public service. He is a member of the U.S. Army National Guard and Assemblyman for the 99th NYS Assembly District which includes the Town of Stony Point in Rockland County and The Towns of Wawayanda, Goshen, Hamptonburgh, Chester, Blooming Grove, New Windsor, Cornwall, Highlands, and Woodbury in Orange County. Colin lives in the Town of New Windsor with his wife Nikki and their beloved adopted Catahoula Quincy.

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