New International Terminal Ready For Play Airlines

STEWART AIRPORT – When Play Airlines begins its daily flights between New York Stewart International Airport at Newburgh and its hub in Iceland on June 9, the new Stewart International Arrivals Terminal will be put into use for the first time accepting oversea passengers.

The airline announced its startup date on Tuesday noting that from its hub in Reykjavik, passengers will be able to take connecting flights to several European cities including London, Paris and Barcelona, among several others.

Introductory fares will start as low as $109 one way, said Port Authority director of airline attraction Alex Minton while at Stewart on Tuesday.

The new international arrivals terminal at New York Stewart.
The new international arrivals terminal at New York Stewart.

“The benefit of operating at Stewart is that our costs here are very low, much lower than our other airports and that is purposeful; that allows us to attract a carrier like this who then reduces their risk and they can pass that on to the customer, so they will probably be charging lower fares here than what you are seeing at Boston or Baltimore because the cost to operate here is lower,” he said.

Another European carrier, Norse, based in Norway, recently announced that it will also offer Stewart to Europe service, but a startup date has yet to be announced, said Minton.

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