Royce-Giron Now Principal on Special Assignment

POUGHKEEPSIE – Kelleyann Royce-Giron has been replaced as the principal of Poughkeepsie High School (PHS) after the school district was ordered by the courts to reinstate Dr. Phee Simpson as principal. Simpson had been the principal at PHS until the Poughkeepsie City School District (PCSD) terminated her in 2019.

When the district’s Board of Education (BOE) officially reinstated Dr. Simpson as PHS principal on July 1, Royce-Giron was given the title of “Principal on Special Assignment” at the annual salary of $137,025.

Royce-Giron had removed her belongings from the PHS principal’s office prior to the return of Simpson. The district has not indicated where Ms. Royce-Giron’s new office is located.
School Superintendent Dr. Eric Rosser Rosser said, “Given the value-added and unmatchable commitment that Principal Royce-Giron brings to positive youth development to PCSD students, the district has appointed her to the role of principal on special assignment.”

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