Slap heard around the world

Dear Editor,

The real issue in the Will Smith Oscar slap has not been discussed openly. Sure, Smith did something foolish for all of America to see. But the reason it was offensive to the Academy and the powers that be is not because it showed Smith to be a thug and a grandstander, but because it exposed the wealthy class in America as the mindless tyrants they are.

The 1% class like to oppress the working poor with high consumer loan rates, pull off hostile takeovers, finance false advertising campaigns, treat their workforces like slaves, and dominate minorities and women whenever they can. But they like to do all that behind the scenes.

Will Smith comes out with an apology not because he cares about Chris Rock or about public law and order, but because his friends in the money grabbing business wouldn’t even look at him until he did.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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