Simmons Purposeful Human Rights Journey

By Jennifer L. Warren

BEACON – Monday afternoon August 8th, life-long Beacon resident, Tara Simmons, returned home after biking over 3,300 miles from Death Valley, California for human rights.

The culmination of her 39 day journey landed her at Beacon’s Long Dock, where she was greeted by a festive crowd of friends and relatives, celebrating her cross country journey, lovingly guided by her mother in a van the entire way.

Her incredible endurance achievement is now the third in a series of passionate quests to spread positivity, respect and love for all people, while spreading the critical need of and awareness for ensuring our basic human rights for all.

The celebration continued Tuesday evening when Simmons, joined by a large crowd of supporters hiked up Mount Beacon, a symbol for hope and light, after emerging from the darkness of Death Valley.

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