Majority Chooses Map #3 For Redistricting

MONTICELLO – A majority of legislators last Thursday picked a map – called “Option 3” – as their preferred district layout for the next decade.

Legislators Robert A. Doherty, Michael Brooks, Nicholas Salomone, George Conklin and Alan Sorensen voted in favor, after deciding against options 1 and 2. Legislators Nadia Rajsz, Luis Alvarez, Joseph Perrello and Ira Steingart voted not to accept any of the options, expressing a desire to extend the period of review.

The 5-4 vote means all nine districts will shift their boundaries to conform with the “Option 3” map come January 1, 2024. Mandated by law, the redistricting process is meant to ensure that each legislative district represents an approximately equal share of Sullivan County’s population, as guided by the latest (2020) U.S. Census.

Main Street Communications of Iowa was selected at the beginning of this year to provide three proposed district maps for review. Those maps were presented to legislators and the public in June. The effort was undertaken this year so as to give voters and potential County Legislature candidates ample time to understand the new boundaries. Detailed maps are available at

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