Ryan Holds In-District Swearing In Ceremony

NEW PALTZ – On Saturday, Congressman Pat Ryan held his in-district swearing in ceremony and an open house with his staff to directly help constituents access critical services from federal agencies.

“I promised all of you I’d bring the fight for our fundamental freedoms down to Washington, and we are certainly hitting the ground running,” said Representative Pat Ryan. “In just the last two weeks, I’ve helped pass a number of critical pieces of legislation, including increased funding for our local police departments, a bill to reform the Electoral Count Act so that there will never be another January 6th, and sanctions against supporters of Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine. In the weeks to come, I expect to cast additional votes on critical programs that will directly benefit the people of our district.”

Representative Ryan also spoke about the recently introduced “Protecting Reproductive Freedom Act,” his bill to protect a woman’s right to healthcare.

“A woman’s right to choose is one of this country’s foundational freedoms, and there is no place for government interference in these private medical decisions,” continued Representative Ryan. “Extremist state lawmakers are restricting access to FDA-approved abortion medication and even threatening to open Americans’ mail to stop the delivery of doctor-prescribed healthcare services. This legislation would ensure that women across the country can access this safe and effective medical treatment.”

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