The Liquari Brothers Are Awarded Liberty Medal

GREENVILLE – Senator Michelle Hinchey announced that she has awarded Peter Liquari IV and Nickolas Liquari, both 14, and their brother Dylan Liquari, 7, of Greenville with Liberty Medals for their heroic actions in saving the life of a man trapped in a burning car following a crash in Greenville. The Liberty Medal is the highest civilian honor that a New York resident can receive from the State Senate and is awarded to individuals for heroic or humanitarian acts on behalf of their fellow New Yorkers.

“Peter, Nickolas, and Dylan demonstrated the type of courage that most of us would like to think we would exemplify in a moment so dire, but few actually could. The level of selfless bravery and quick-thinking heroism these brothers, and their dad, displayed was nothing short of exceptional,” Senator Michelle Hinchey said. “It’s clear that Mom Rebecca and Dad Peter are raising three remarkable young men with incredibly caring hearts, and I cannot think of more deserving recipients for the Liberty Medal.”

On the night of August 7, 2022, Peter Liquari III and his three sons came upon a car crash on State Route 32 in Greenville as they made their way home from dinner. Immediately upon spotting one of the vehicles engulfed in flames with the driver stuck inside, Peter Liquari III pulled over to a nearby house, told his boys to wait in the car, and attempted to stretch a garden hose over to contain the fire. When the hose wouldn’t reach the burning car, his sons sprang into action, forming a bucket brigade to get the fire under control until first responders arrived at the scene, saving the man’s life.

 Hinchey presents three young brothers from Greenville with state senate’s highest civilian honor for saving man from burning car.

Hinchey presents three young brothers from Greenville with state senate’s highest civilian honor for saving man from burning car.

Senator Hinchey presented brothers Peter, Nickolas, and Dylan, with Liberty Medals at the Greenville Volunteer Fire Company in the presence of family members, including father, Peter Liquari III and mom Rebecca, Director of Greene County Emergency Services John Farrell, Chief Clifton Drollette of the Greenville Volunteer Fire Company, Chairman of the Greenville Fire District Board of Commissioners Clifton Powell, County Legislators Pat Linger, Greg Davis, Sherry True, and Harry Lennon and Sheriff Peter Kusminksy.

Senator Michelle Hinchey represents the 46th Senate District, which includes Greene and Montgomery Counties and parts of Albany, Schenectady, and Ulster Counties. Senator Hinchey serves as Chair of the Agriculture Committee and sits on the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Energy and Telecommunications, Environmental Conservation, and Local Government Committees.

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