New Paltz Receives University Classification

NEW PALTZ – SUNY New Paltz has officially attained University status in the State of New York, effective Jan. 1, 2023, after receiving approval from SUNY Interim Chancellor Deborah F. Stanley and the SUNY Board of Trustees at their December 2022 meeting. Prior to that, the proposal to receive “University” designation was approved by the SUNY New Paltz Faculty Senate and College Council.

New Paltz will now be classified as a “University,” not a “College,” under new NYS Board of Regents policies that took effect in 2022.

“Designation as a university comes as well-deserved recognition of the more than 100 high-quality undergraduate and more than 50 high-quality graduate programs offered in the liberal arts, sciences, business, education, engineering and fine and performing arts and the great work that has been done and is being done every day across campus to advance our mission,” said President Darrell P. Wheeler. “It sends a strong message to future generations of New Paltz students, including graduate and international students, that this institution is providing high-value academic experiences and actively helping address the challenges we face at a local, state, national and global level.”

The change in classification status does not change the institution’s primary name – we will continue to go by “SUNY New Paltz” and will continue to use existing type logos and related identifiers.

This change also does not affect New Paltz’s mission or how it operates, and will not impact teaching loads, research obligations or other academic criteria.

The new designation took effect at New Paltz on Jan. 1, exactly 75 years after the founding in 1948 of the State University of New York System and the same date that New Paltz joined SUNY as a founding member campus.

All accrediting bodies are being notified of the new designation.

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