Students Earn Instant Admission to DCC

POUGHKEEPSIE – The College Readiness and Workforce Education program successfully held its second annual Dutchess Community College Instant Admit event on Februray 1st in the Poughkeepsie High School library. Students came to the library during Senior Wednesday to fill out the DCC application. Steven Posada, DCC Admissions Counselor, was on hand to help facilitate the event. He assisted students with the application, spoke about majors, reviewed transcripts and admitted students on the spot. More than 25 students attended and walked out with a college acceptance letter.

As of February 2, DCC has accepted 123 PHS Class of 2023 students and 31 students have been accepted into other colleges and universities, according to Kelly Semexant, college readiness and workforce education counselor. Some of the standouts include Yale, Vassar, Loyola, University of Chicago, Russell Sage and more than 10 SUNY schools.

Semexant said the numbers are likely higher than that. “Some seniors aren’t informing me until they’ve heard back from all the schools they’ve applied to,” she said.

Semexant is planning two more DCC Instant Admit days, likely in April and late May.
Congratulations were extended to all of students who have applied and been accepted to schools.

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