Birds of Prey Visit Chambers Elementary

KINGSTON -Students in Grade 3 from Chambers, John F. Kennedy, and Edward R. Crosby Elementary Schools enjoyed a visit from some birds of prey recently!

Ellen Kalish, founder and executive director of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, brought a red tailed hawk, a barred owl, a barn owl, a peregrine falcon, and other winged-friends to her talk at Chambers Elementary School. Students were educated firsthand on how these birds live and contribute to our local environment and their importance in the ecological system.
Kalish taught the students specific facts about each bird, such as barred owls being 90% blind but having three times better hearing than humans, or how a barn owl’s piercing screech can sound humanlike (which she then had the barn owl she brought do for the students). Kalish even recounted her story of finding Rock the Saw-whet owl, which was rescued from the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City!

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