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By Journalist Ms. Jones

NEWBURGH – The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines momentum as “strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.” Momentum was the theme of the PLP (Pastors & Leaders Pour) Conference which was held on Saturday, April15that host church Crossroads Assemblies of God. Reverend Dr. Tellis Chapman gave the call to continue the momentum gained during the conference.

“Never quit. Maintain [your] momentum and [your] service with the Lord. Follow the example of Joshua as he and Israel walked around the walls of Jericho until they fell.They followed the instructions God gave them [so] that they could see that come to fruition,” said Reverend Dr. Tellis Chapman who preached at the PLP Conference about how the Israelites walked diligently around the walls of Jericho one time every day for 6 days and 7 times on the 7th day and blew their trumpets until the walls of Jericho fell down and they conquered the city.

BET's Sunday Best Winner Psalmist Melvin Crispell III poses with his background singers at The Pastors & Leaders Pour Conference.
BET’s Sunday Best Winner Psalmist Melvin Crispell III poses with his background singers at The Pastors & Leaders Pour Conference.

The PLP Conference began in 2021. This was the 3rd one. Even though it was held at host church Crossroads Assemblies of God, it was actually given by Gifted Ministries Fellowship International and One Accord Christian Church, Inc. They had it at Crossroads Assemblies of God this year because the conference is expanding.

“It started off during the pandemic. The goal is to pour into pastors and leaders, and we consider everybody a leader. So, we wanted to take his time to pour into people because leaders and pastors pour out all the time during the course of a year… This is our opportunity to pour back into them,” said Bishop Robert J. Bolton, Jr., pastor of One Accord Christian Church, Inc. who makes sure the conference is free each year. “We don’t charge because we know that not everyone can afford registration. We just want anybody that wants to come to come because if I pour into you, you can pour into others.”

Attendees had the opportunity to attend various workshop sessions held in the morning. The workshops included: Marriage & Relationships taught by Overseer and Lady Robert and Sherell Ferrer, Women in Ministry facilitated by Reverend Dr. Dollyann Newkirk-Briggs, Missions Ministry imparted by Pastor Nikisha Wimberly, Healthy Churches instructed by Reverend Dr. Jesse Bottoms, Men in Ministry given by Bishop Vincent Rouse, and Business/Finances discussed by Overseer Willie Carley. Participants also ate a free lunch and were able to visit vendor tables and purchase clothing, jewelry, and other merchandise. Even 1st Lady Lashelle Bolton was promoting her brand Glory, not Guilt.

BET's Sunday Best Winner Psalmist Melvin Crispell III performs at The Pastors & Leaders Pour Conference.
BET’s Sunday Best Winner Psalmist Melvin Crispell III performs at The Pastors & Leaders Pour Conference.

“Glory, not Guilt is a faith-based total wellness movement. We are purposed to educate, encourage, and empower individuals in living their healthiest lives… We are a nonprofit and our end goal is to have the glory center right here in the city of Newburgh, where you will come and take a wellness track whether it be your health, your finances, your body, your mind, and that’s what we’re raising money for,” said Lady Bolton.

One of the special guests at this year’s conference was Psalmist Melvin Crispell III. He was the winner of BET’s Sunday Best in 2019. His father is World-Renowned Musician Melvin Crispell, Jr. and his mother is Gospel Recording Artist Tunesha Crispell. He described what it was like growing up in a musical household.

“It was absolutely amazing! It was really a normal family situation, but you know, of course, it was just filled with love and music and traveling! I got to watch them work and travel and minister to people across the world. It really inspired me all the more to just do what I do today,” said Crispell who was already travelling and singing before he won BET’s Sunday Best, but the show gave him more exposure. “The platform has allowed me so many opportunities to just meet some of my inspirations in gospel music… work with some of them, [and] help put my stamp on gospel music today.”

Crispell has a new album coming out on June 16th titled “No Failure.” It is his 1stlive album and it was recorded in Dallas, Texas. He sang a few of the singles “Alright” and “God Is” during the PLP Conference. The PLP Conference also gave out Positive Change Awards to Reverend Dr. Nelson McAllister and Bishop Jeffrey C. Woody for their work in the community.

“It just [feels] so good to know that there are younger ministers coming up that see what I’ve done and what I’m doing.To take time to recognize and honor me is a blessing,” said Bishop Woody, pastor of The Cathedral at the House.

Journalist Ms. Jones

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