Meadow Hill Hosts their Sixth Annual Cultural Fair

NEWBURGH – Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it everyday. Meadow Hill Elementary did just that at their sixth annual Culture Fair. The school came together to celebrate and experience a wide range of cultures within its own community. Students worked for weeks in preparation for the event, and Mrs. LiVolsi and Mrs. Candal organized the event. There were live performances that showcased regional music, traditional dances, corn husk dolls, henna art, beautiful posters and artwork, and native foods. Students celebrated the diversity of their school community and were able to “travel” the globe without leaving MHS thanks to generous donations from local stores and restaurants such as: Showtime Cinemas, Longhorn, BJ’S, Orange Hill Bistro, Perkins, Billy Joe’s, Alexis Diner, Market 32, Stop and Shop and McDonalds (Newburgh Mall), Restaurant Depot, and Stewarts Shop Corporation.

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