Mayor Mike Spano Presents School Spotlight Award

YONKERS – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was joined Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada to present his School Spotlight Award to the deserving administration, faculty, staff, parents and students at The Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School. Under the leadership of Principal Anthony Cioffi, The Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School is being recognized for incorporating research and project-based learning into the sixth grade curriculum while helping students develop their college and career readiness skills.

“The Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School continues to place a strong focus on the overall quality of education for our students by providing a strong emphasis on developing research skills,” said Mayor Spano. “Congratulations goes to Principal Anthony Cioffi and the entire team of administrators, teachers and staff for their efforts to help every child learn more about the world and enhance their skills in critical thinking and problem-solving while providing career and college guidance.”

The Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School research and project-based learning curriculum helps the six grade students to:

• Learn how to find reliable sources, evaluate evidence, synthesize information, and communicate their findings effectively.

• Build their skills for historical thinking such as analyzing primary sources, investigating claims and communicating findings.

• Spark their curiosity and creativity while encouraging them to explore topics of interest.

• Explore different career options and career pathways and helping them identify their strengths, interests and goals.

• Help them discover the benefits of higher education and explore different college choices and expectations.

In addition to its curriculum, The Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School is well-known for its ongoing involvement in Yonkers Public Schools’ “Yonkers History Day,” which aims to document and celebrate the history of the city and its people. Through their participation, the students learn about the past, present, and future of Yonkers, explore their own identity and connection to the city and its diverse communities, and discover some of the notable events and people that shaped Yonkers.

“When you enter the Siragusa School you always feel welcomed,” noted Rev. Steve Lopez, President of the Board of Education. “That same feeling is evident in the classrooms.

Siragusa students enjoy coming to school and that translates into academic achievement.”
“Principal Cioffi, the teachers and staff do magnificent work to engage the entire school community around the social-emotional and academic growth of each student,” stated Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools. “The Siragusa team embraces their students and families with the mantra that school is an extension of the home, and it works. Student achievement and attendance are above the District average.”

Mayor Spano’s School Spotlight Award highlights four Yonkers Public Schools within the academic school year for their significant academic success, extracurricular achievements and community involvement.

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